2018 Tori Duhaime  |  Duhaime Movement Project

Tori Duhaime, Salt Lake City, UT - Raised in Southwest Colorado, I was brought up on the opportunities of the outdoors while pursuing the early stages of a professional dance career. After acquiring my BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, where I spent extensive time and research in the studios, I tried to tear myself away from the Southwest region but couldn’t bear to lose the proximity with both the mountains and deserts in the name of a spotlight career in dance. The SLC dance community decided my role for me as a photographer after years of only having shot with an old Canon AE1 and I took on the role with all my experiences in hand to establish an intimate relationship with my subjects. With the release of my ego to be seen on the stage I found a perfect niche between supporting and highlighting the value of a smaller but viable dance hub with optimal opportunity to explore the adventurous parts of my outdoor recreation I had suffocated until the two found a way to co-exist in all the movements that have raised me.


Everything is a motion, a movement, an action. I admire the nuances of each transition and glance that signifies an honest experience in the body and in the land alike. With a lifelong education in dance, a stumble into photography, a love for the land, and a home in the heart of the west, I seek movement in physical, mental, spacial, and experiential design.  

kind words from colleagues and clients

"I have worked with Tori over the last 4 years on varying projects within the SLC dance community (both through independent projects and University of Utah work). I have witnessed Tori's immense capacity to hold detail, care, precision, and nuance in her artistry. I trust her unreservedly and will continue to work with her on all of my upcoming projects. She is honest and rigorous, yet easeful in the way she works. Tori primes the space with her complete attention, exhaling into the moment of action-witnessing. This way of working allows for the whole body to be available, vulnerable without pretense, and BIG. Tori models collaboration, clear and direct communication, and persistence."


- Molly Heller, Dance Artist & Teacher, Utah



"In all honesty, over the last few years I have been focusing more on making work for others via film and dance performance than I have been interested in being in front of the viewer and/or camera. As a dance artist and performer, I have had many experiences with photographers where I felt frozen, projected onto and out of my body. Working with Tori gave me the chance to connect to my body again in front of a camera. She was generous, patient, collaborative and allowed room for me to be myself. When Tori released the photographs to me, I could not help but tear up because for the first time I was able to see myself and not some face and body that was only a portion of some other person’s vision.  Tori has the ability to capture life and energy in a single frame of existence. I look forward to the next time where we get to collaborate together."


- Elise Jumes, Dance Artist, Utah



movement artist + photographer