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Social Justice and Public Lands

Showing up to speak up for the justice of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, the protection of public lands, and the rights of LGBTQIA+2S people

People: Denae Shanidiin, Carl Moore, Former Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, and many more

Organizations: Restoring Ancestral Winds, MMIP Who Is Missing, PANDOS and the many tribal nations who steward this land

Events for building community

Affinity spaces, learning opportunities, and celebration of identity, empowerment, and community experiences.

People: Denae Shanidiin, Jordan Danielle, Sarah Herron, Ashley Love, and many more

Organizations: Restoring Ancestral Winds, She Lift, As You Are SLC, Faction Skis,, Still Not Asking For It, Me Too SLC and many more

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