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A white woman wearing a black sweater and black pants with a blue and pink Skida ballcap and wool clogs sits casually on a large log of driftwood. Behind her is the James River in Richmond, Virginia and the shore across the river where a cemetary is visible up on the hill. The sun appears to be setting as she looks off into the distance towards the light.

Currently in cahoots:

+ JAM Collective social media specialist and program manager

   for Thru Hike Syndicate

+ Marketing Director for Trails Magazine

Historically in cahoots:

+ Social media specialist for Osprey Packs on behalf of JAM


+ Producer for Ravel Media / She Explores Podcast

+ Marketing Director for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

   and Dance West Fest

Local Guide for Fjallraven Park City, UT

Ambassador for DU/ER Performance 

Tori Duhaime (she/they)

- Richmond, VA (Powhatan land)


Movement is my first language. Raised in Southwest Colorado on Ute and Pueblo land, I was brought up on the extracurricular opportunities of the outdoors while pursuing the early stages of a professional dance career. After acquiring my BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, where I spent extensive time and research in the studios, I took a step back to allow more time and space to be in motion out of doors.


The Salt Lake City and global dance community guided and supported me in redefining my role as a photographer – taking all my lived experiences in hand to establish an intimate relationship with those who trust me behind the lens.


With more time on trails, the slopes, and atop peaks, I found a perfect niche between supporting and highlighting the value of dance artists through imagery while moving both my body and artistry into the outdoors more consistently. Come to find out, there's so much in common in these spaces.

As my photographic eye developed, my work expanded into the outdoor industry, supporting brands and athletes with engaging imagery that embraces the joy and thrill of moving with landscapes.

My photos have supplemented brands such as Subaru, Danner Boots, Atomic Skis, Janji, and more as a producer for Ravel Media. I've independently photographed bike races including the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Gravista, Shenandoah 100, and the many bike races and events in Richmond, VA, and surrounding regions. You can find my photos representing brands including Ocean & San, Sawyer Products, Teren Design, and WORN Brand.

As a social media specialist and PR professional, I've supported Osprey Packs and the Thru Hike Syndicate for nearly 2 years as well as consulting brands on best practices for ethical social media management as a contractor with JAM Collective including Field Station, Oyster Coolers, OtterBox, LifeStraw, and more.

For over 5 years I was the Marketing Director for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company which included the creative development and marketing of Dance West in partnership with Repertory Dance Theater and the University of Utah School of Dance.


In 2020, I moved to Richmond, VA on Powhatan Confederacy land with my partner, DJ, and our two dogs, Hayduke and Eldora, where I am working to contribute valuable imagery to the dance and outdoor community in RVA and the Mid-Atlantic/Appalachian region.

Available services for hire

price negotiated depending on requested deliverables and scope of work 

email to inquire


Natural Light Photography

(available for travel)

  • sports and sporting events

  • portfolio material

  • lifestyle

  • product

  • dance and movement

  • direct to consumer content

  • user-generated content ​​


Guest Speaker and Educator

(in person or virtual)

  • ethical photography practices

  • creative process development

  • career development and embracing changed paths

  • dance for camera and photography

  • social media ethics and use​​

Brand and business

Organic Social Media Consultation

(in person or virtual)

  • social media strategy development

  • effective DTC and UGC use

  • social platform "best practices"

  • crisis response development

  • profile management practices 

  • ethical social media practices​​

artistic, social, and environmental values

Everything is a motion, a movement, an action. I admire the nuances of each transition and glance that signifies an honest experience in the body and in the land alike. With a lifelong education in dance, a stumble into photography, and a love for the land and its people, I seek movement in physical, ideological, spatial, and experiential design.

I am a lifelong, in-process advocate for justice, diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in all my occupied spaces in the outdoors and dance. My care for these efforts is expected to be shared by all brands, partners, and employers from the executive to staff level. I will not claim expertise in regard to equity but I will not take up space that should be given to others. I aim to offer any form of support in expanding the conversations and resources to improve these efforts within my appropriate role and utilize my privileges to amplify the voices of others and their experiences. If you are seeking photographers to carry those conversations from first-hand experience, I will gladly recommend and connect you to Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, and disabled photographers to hire with the expectation that they are paid effectively and equally to any other hire and are respected fully.

Sustainability and protection of Indigenous and public land in the context of environmental justice is a critical point of value in my work and life. I seek full transparency in those I work with to expose the work being done internally to combat climate change, racial and social injustices, and reduction of waste.

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