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Moving Forward

a photo giveback program from community-run races and events


Since moving to Richmond, attending the bike, river, and general joyous events of the RVA community with my camera is one of the ways I get to keep creative play involved in my otherwise monetized work and hobbies and I'd like to pay my dues to this rad community when I show up on my own accord.


Here are the rules:
After each event that I choose to photograph on my own behalf, a password-protected gallery link will be published below that will include photos for download. The exact time of photos published cannot be guaranteed. Further requests for additional photos will not be entertained as this is being done in my limited free time. The link will be live for roughly 2 weeks once made available and the password to access the photos will be posted on my IG stories when launched.

2: Event attendees may download the images as they see fit under the honor system of pay what you can if you can (suggested $5 per shot but equally within your own means) by Venmo-ing @toriduhaime - include the event name in payment.

3: 100% of money received from downloaded images will be donated to either:
A: the beneficiary of the event itself if it is already acting as a fundraiser.
B: an organization of my choice or suggested by attendees that are relevant to the activity. Priority will always be given to underrepresented folks, efforts to increase accessibility to the event's activity, or local trail/river maintenance and outdoor advocacy.

C: in some cases and with full transparency upon the launch of the gallery, I may reserve the right to absorb a small percentage of donations for events that are not already benefitting an organization.

Suggested beneficiaries are always welcome. Proof of donation will always be shared in my Instagram stories upon completion.

Terms: Users may only download images of themselves or friends and family with their consent. Downloading images means you understand that any use or sharing of photos taken by Tori Duhaime should always be accompanied by proper photo credit and are not licensed for commercial use unless worked out with Tori Duhaime personally. You can email Tori at for commercial inquiries. All downloaded photos are the intellectual property of Tori Duhaime.

Available Events for download


Sorry, honey week 3

Current tally of $$$ given back to the community


Beneficiaries thus far: Kurtis' Adaptive Bike Fund, Richmond Cycling Corp, Rag & Bones, RVAMORE, JROC 

Disclaimers: This program is designed as a direct giveback program by Tori Duhaime. Consistency in attendance, the number of photos provided, and the quality of edits may vary.


Upcoming events may always be brought to my attention for consideration but requesting my presence with expectations of photos delivered constitutes a paid gig and will be treated as such. Any events organized with corporate sponsorship or the capacity to pay photo teams will not be considered for this program. 

Beneficiaries of the donated money are not required nor expected to be certified not-for-profit. Mutual aid, independent support funds, and other community beneficiaries all qualify. This program is not intended to act as a tax write-off or other monetary benefit to Tori Duhaime.

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