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Dancers who have a relationship to movement research and landscape.

Dancers: Dominica Greene, Courtney Mazeika, Sanjana Sekhar, Megan Siepka, Corinne Lohner, Bashaun Williams, Angela Lee, Nicholas Jurica, Samantha Matsukawa, Mary Lynn Graves, KARAR Dance Company, and more


Dance performances in black box theaters, large-scale and state-of-the-art theaters, site specific locations, or in-the-round.

Choreographers: Molly Heller, Yin Yue, Daniel Charon, Ann Carlson, Joanna Kotze, Nick Blaylock, and more.

Behind the curtain

Dance is all about the movement research, the conversations, the time in the studios, and the conversations that inform the process.

Choreogarphers: Kate Wallich, Molly Heller, Yin Yue, LajaMartin, Rebecca Aneloski and more

Events: Dance West Fest, Strictly Seattle, The Rounds, 

screendance and dance for film

Much of my photographic eye and perspective is derived from studying screendance.

Projects created for Kimball Arts Center, Strictly Seattle, and the University of Utah Screendance program