• tori duhaime

Trust the Long Dirty Trail

You know that feeling when you meet a guy on Tinder and trust them completely to take you to the middle of nowhere and then 5 and ½ years later you’re still headed to nowhere with him? Sounds insane right?

This weekend I was trying to remember the first time I let DJ take me down a random dirt road in his rickety Ford Explorer to a location where we didn’t see another soul. I don’t actually remember the exact first place he took me but it was certainly within the first couple months of us dating.

This weekend, as we drove out to the best described, bum fuck nowhere we’ve maybe ever found ourselves in, I thought about how many of my friends I tell about how I can’t wait to bring them with me to these places.... mostly friends who’ve never seen said bum fuck nowhere or even close to such…. and how I think they would start to question my motives as I take them down questionable old mining roads. I was quietly laughing to myself while realizing that I never once worried about DJs motives when I first met him…. and maybe I should have?

And yet, that’s my favorite part of us, in fact it’s the foundation of our relationship. I don’t even try to plan adventures because I know he will take me somewhere far more remote and incredible than I would know how to navigate to and that’s arguably the best part of our relationship. I’ll go nowhere with you anytime DJ, because while it may not be named on the map yet, it’ll be somewhere spectacular.

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