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Misogyny in ski films has had its run

Updated: May 28, 2020

Last night I attended a ski film in classic fall preseason hype fashion and once again found myself watching a slew of white dudes and a token 20 second clip of a single female skier. I’ve seen this format for years, I’ve always recognized the problem with it, but this time it stung. It never hurt me in the past to see the lack of representation because I believed I was “one of the guys” and have never had a lady shred crew. This year, I got smacked with a whole hell of a lot of female empowerment in the outdoors thanks to @project16x the @she_explores team and all the individual women I’ve met in between and now I know what it feels like to actually be empowered and I’m here to use it.

DJ sat with me while I raged over my beer reflecting on the recent interaction with an acquaintance who told me “Women need to stop worrying so much about empowerment and just shred harder.” and when I made the effort to explain kindly and calmly why a statement as such is so problematic, for:

1) any impression that there just aren’t women “shredding hard enough” is proof of lack of representation

2) Empowerment has NOTHING to do with how hard you shred and has everything to do with representation and welcoming all identities into outdoor spaces and activities.

- I was told I’m taking myself too seriously and was quietly unfollowed.

So I’m pissed but I’m also taking responsibility because I haven’t done my part either, I don’t even have photos of women skiing or boarding in my own portfolio because I’ve always only skied with dudes. I’m sick and tired of waiting for industries to make the change they clearly don’t know how to so I’m prepared to jump in. So shit ladies, you wanna shred? Hit me up, let's show off how rad you are. You need women for your sponsor list? I’ll send you spreadsheets of women worth your dollar. You need some women for your filming crew? I’ve got hella suggestions. You want to diversify your company? I’ll get you connected with people who actually represent and can lead conversations about inclusivity of their identity. But you have to actually want to do the right thing, you have to invite us in.

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