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Updated: May 28, 2020

Welcome. If you're here, you probably stumbled upon this because I won't be announcing that I'm developing this mostly because it still feels weird to publicize this for some reason. More than likely you're here because of Instagram, curiosity got the best of you, you clicked the link in my bio, and you'll be out of here before you can read too much more. In the event you decide to stick around, let me start with helping you understand where I come from a little better.

photo by Blake Bekken (FDM Media)

My name is Tori Duhaime and I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was raised in Southwest Colorado where I was given ample opportunity to live an outdoor lifestyle and while it was integral to my upbringing, I chose dance as my career path. I spent my first two years of college in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama - we will get into that latter. After two years I came to terms with some emotional and mental health needs and made the choice to return to the mountains which were my saving grace. I was accepted to the University of Utah's Department of Modern Dance and I spent my last three years of college developing research and choreographic strategies and speeding up the canyons between class and rehearsal to get a couple runs in up at Brighton. By my senior year I was engrossed in this cross analysis of skiing and dancing (and a strange fascination with skateboarding but trust me, I'm terrible on a board.)

Post graduation I spent some time in random jobs, mostly restaurants and took some time to travel first in the Middle East and then in South Eastern Europe attending dance festivals, taking class, and developing some stronger sense of self. Amidst all of this I had somehow been roped into being the local photographer and filmmaker for fellow dancers who needed someone to promote their shows and knew their way around movement and a camera. At this point I had really only taken one screendance course I had finessed my way into as an undergraduate and still carried around my parents old Canon AE1 35mm camera as a side hobby. I invested in a camera with intentions to work in filmmaking and within a year I already knew my role behind the camera was going to be producing more static shots than film.

Except static never felt right when defining photography for myself - after all, everything I had known in life was in motion. I started to notice my work was never about the full body, nor was it about definitions of dance on a broad scale, in fact I often was capturing dancers being human more than being dancers, simply moving.

Over the last couple years, I managed to dismantle some expectations for my self as a dancer, removed myself from the spotlight and committed my energy to highlighting others. It was the best choice I ever made. More on this latter down the line.

So here I am, 26 years old, a little earthy tomboy with a camera in hand a pup by my side (his name is Hayduke) navigating a 9-5 in non-profit marketing director position for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company which I have no actual taught skills in by day, and trying to find movement for myself and others in outdoor spaces all other hours.

Welcome. I don't know what I have to offer you yet. Maybe thats why I don't plan to announce this, but if you're here, and you're reading this, I am grateful you would take the time. Maybe eventually I'll be able to better understand why I'm typing this up to put into no mans land.

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