• tori duhaime

Indigenous People's Day

It is indigenous peoples day. Today is an opportune moment to consider how we, white Americans, can better instill and enact DAILY practices and efforts to acknowledge the colonization of the indigenous tribes in North America who still suffer in ways we cannot fathom from this historical genocide of their culture, land, and people.

I don’t have answers to offer, I am still learning how to do this for myself and forever will be, but I can offer the recommendation to listen to the requests of these people. I can offer the reminder of whose land we benefit from. I can offer book recommendations and accounts to follow. I can help you reconsider the language you use and the privileges you cary with me. But ultimately, you, fellow white folks, and myself will need to seek these for ourselves in order to better create honest sympathy for experiences we cannot empathize with. Please don’t rely on those who already carry this burden to educate you, especially not for free. Educate yourself, decolonize your surroundings, decolonize your Instagram feed, and don’t shy from the difficulty of the conversation or nightmares from the stories you will read.

To my friends who carry this pain daily in your hearts, I send you my love and my best efforts and ask for forgiveness where I have and will continue to fail as I continue to learn. I’m grateful for what I have been fortunate to learn from you all and do not take such for granted. You are seen. You are loved. I am so sorry for your pain.


2020 Tori Duhaime

photographer + movement artist