• tori duhaime

I love Who We are in the Desert.

I love how we move fast on the mesas with long strides to cover as much sandstone as possible and tiptoe around the delicate soil.

I love how our eyes reach as far as they can fathom - seeking the places that we have yet to nestle into.

I love who we are in canyons when we slow down in the slots and our gazes turn inward, our pupils as wide as our apertures and our steps take us in circles and up walls.

I love who we are with a beer in hand on cliff sides or hot coffee on the edge of the truck. I love the egg scrambles even if they could use some salt.

I love watching Hayduke crumble in the overwhelming joy of exhaustion and Eldora try to hide her grey hairs with red dust.

I love the rocky roads even if my heart stops looking over the ledge and my claims of hatred when you swerve to laugh at my fear. I love them because I don’t know where they will take us until we wake up to the sunrise revealing our temporary home.

I love who we are when it is just us four and we can sit in silence without fear of what it means. I love that we can laugh at the dogs with full volume echoing off the walls or disappearing into the mass abyss of open air.

I love how each time we revisit the red sand is another layer in our own canyon walls, simply building up and marking our time together - compressed by changing seasons and time to solidify another year of partnership.

I love us all the time in all the places you take us, but I think that I love us the most in the desert.

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